Online & Distance Learning

As we may need to transition to Distance Learning we have created this page as a resource for parents and students to use while navigating online instruction and practice. All classes will be setup within Google Classroom and assignments will be posted via google classroom only. At times you may need to login to practice skills in other apps. The links to those websites are below along with some helpful tips to get you pointed in the right direction when you need help!

What to do if you need help

The best place to start is to reach out to your teacher either on Google Classroom or email. Teachers are the best resource when it comes to issues logging into KCCS Students Apps and finding assignments on Google Classroom. All staff emails are available by click on their name on the KCCS Staff Page.

If the teacher is unable to help or you need additional assistance with computer issues (Hardware/Software) or resetting of KCCS Student email account passwords you please use the KCCS IT Support Page Form to get into contact with the KCCS Technology Department.

For More Information and helpful tips & videos on Google Classroom and using the KCCS Student Apps check out the KCCS Technology Page!

KCCS Student Apps