Dress Code

King Center Charter School is a uniform school. Students who are in uniform daily tend to be more focused on learning and achievement. KCCS strictly enforces its uniform policy. Students who come to school out of uniform will not be permitted to go to class until they are brought proper uniform attire. If you are unable to follow the uniform policy, please contact the Leadership Team to arrange an appointment. We will make every effort to assist you in obtaining proper uniforms.

KCCS Uniforms are available from McKay's Uniform Store located at 851 Abbott Rd, Buffalo, NY 14220.

The uniform for the upcoming school year is as follows:


  • Green KCCS embroidered polo shirt with logo (not plain green polos)
  • I <3 KCCS t-shirts/sweatshirts may be worn on Fridays only.


  • Khaki or Black dress pants (khaki/black denim pants/leggings are not permitted) Khaki or Black capris/skirts/shorts are permitted when the weather is warm, however, they must go to the knee. Belts should be worn.


  • Plain cardigan style sweaters are permitted during the cold weather seasons.
  • Sweaters can be black, white, or gray. Sweaters cannot have hoods attached.
  • Students must continue to wear their school polo underneath their sweaters.
  • Outerwear and zip-ups are not permitted.

Long-sleeved shirts

  • Long-sleeved shirts/turtlenecks are permitted during cold weather seasons, however, they must be worn underneath the school polo.
  • Shirts must be free of design and can be black, white, or gray only.

Tights/Knee Highs

  • Must be black, white, or gray with no designs or patterns.


  • Students will be required to wear all black, all white or black & white shoes/sneakers/boots as a part of the regular school uniform. Shoes cannot have ANY other colors, prints, designs, patterns, lights etc. Shoes cannot be backless. Slippers, heels, and flip-flops are not permitted. Sneakers are required for all physical education classes.


  • Jewelry can be worn, but must be appropriate and not distracting to the students or others. Post earrings are permitted, but not dangling/hoops. We are not responsible for lost/stolen jewelry. Students cannot carry brushes with them to classes. Girls can carry purses only when required and have received a pass from the office. Flowered headbands and bandanas are not permitted.


  • Students can wear plain blue or black jeans on Fridays only!! Jeans cannot be ripped or have designs on them. If students choose not to wear jeans on Fridays, they must wear khaki/black pants.
  • Sweatpants, leggings, camouflage, or colored denim is not permitted.

The Leadership Team reserves the right to make all final decisions when enforcing uniform compliance.